Our mission is to inspire every business leader to create world-class business teams using the principles outlined in the From Pitch to Boardroom framework


Our objectives are to inspire business leaders to understand :

1. It is the people in their business that make the revenues and profits not the products or services

2. Unless you recruit the best people in your industry then you will not be successful

3. Unless you develop this top talent then they will leave and join your competition .When working with clients the result is that they experience.

1. Significant increase in revenues and profits.

2. They out-perform their competition.

3. They have higher employee satisfaction.



Stuart Blyth is the founder and CEO of From Pitch to Boardroom Limited, an innovative training and events company that uses the principles of team excellence and football management to improve business performance. He is the author of the new book From Football Field to Boardroom and From Pitch to Boardroom, which he created with input from Christian Damiano, the renowned French football coach who helped France to World Cup glory in 1998.

Combining his passion for sports with over 20 years of senior management experience working for companies such as Oracle and Stellent, Stuart provides leading global businesses with training management solutions that help them to become world beaters in their field, much like successful football teams across the world.

Using a blend of interactive workshops, tactical board games and in-depth case studies, Stuart helps businesses in a variety of ways. As a renowned business consultant and trainer, he equips managers with the skills and confidence to tackle poor performance, educates businesses to harness and develop talent and facilitates leaders to create tailored solutions to a range of business problems.

Providing a mixture of business change, branding and sales programs, Stuart works with key stakeholders to define required training outcomes before designing and delivering custom training that achieves these objectives. Stuart previously worked at Oracle, where he was widely regarded as one of their top 30 business leaders and was appointed as one of the select members of the senior managers’ symposium.

Stuart’s inspiration for From Football Field to Boardroom stems from his belief that football management techniques and philosophies hold the key to unlocking business potential. Understanding how top football coaches operate enables leaders to grasp how to achieve team excellence in the commercial marketplace.

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