Applying From Pitch To Boardroom’s Principles: we seek to drive continuous improvement through better leadership and team capabilities through our talent management framework and programmes

Willis Towers Watson is a global organisation with several regional operations and we were looking for more clarity and greater team dynamics in our regional head office amongst our diverse project teams…. The workshop provided us with a framework to allow us to develop ideas on how to be more effective in our teamwork and we are pleased to see even now, weeks after the workshop, the positive impact this had on us was immediate and is still effective.

Richard Collis
Managing Director Risk Consulting & Software Asia Pacific Willis Towers Watson


I enjoyed the atmosphere, theme and importance of sportsmanship and football coaching personality in leadership development
Marcus Chu - Senior Manager Development & Marketing The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Recently we worked with Ellie and Stuart at FPTB on a private client dinner. It was a fabulous themed evening where they provided the guest of honour and auction items that raised a significant amount of income for our Charitable Foundation. It was a great event enjoyed by all and as the Head of Business for St. James Place in Hong Kong, I would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment. We are looking forward to working with them again on similar events in the future.

Ian Burns CEO St James Place Wealth Management


In a world that is changing rapidly, companies will only succeed if management and their teams learn to be nimble, respond to customer needs and desires and inspire others to function like a championship teams.

The book and coaching by Stuart Blyth with football coach Christian DamianoFrom Pitch to Boardroom; Principles of Team Excellence form the World’s Most Popular Game is a great read, with many ideas which can be transferred into businesses.

BhaveshVaghela - CEO Paywizard

Stuart Blyth uncovers the secret formula in driving up team performance. This is truly a game changing book replete with valuable insights that gets teams pulling in the same direction.

In his book, From Pitch to Boardroom, and the coaching and mentoring that Stuart and his team deliver prove‘process is no proxy for team leadership’, I want him on my team.

Jason Box, Director Cost Transformation Limited


For me managing a business is like managing a football team - some train hard, some rarely show up for training but can score critical goals for the team, some cover a lot of ground and create many assists' . In every team you will have a mix of skills, egos and work effort - it is how you use your experience and skills to mould and manage those individuals to create a team spirit and performance that can score the goals, defend well and lift the cup - whichever cup (or business target) you are aiming for. From Pitch to Boardroom is the embodiment of these ideas which can be translated into any business.

David Walker Chairman - david@theardmoregroup.com

I played at a pro-soccer club at 13. I played international level basketball at 14. I played soccer until age 47, and with members of the NY Cosmos for the last 20 years. At 19 I became self-employed in IT, and started my first business at 22. I have run IT businesses for the past 35+ years, across the world, and know clearly that the lessons from top-level sports have been invaluable - at all times! They made me endure, perform, be a perfectionist, and not stop until ‘End of job’! That’s why the book, From Pitch to Boardroom Principles of Team Excellence form the World’s Most Popular Game by Stuart Blyth with football coach Christian Damiano, is such a great resource.

Peter Watts; Solutionize; CEO


Stuart’s talk was extremely insightful and stimulating.

Wendy Zhang Vice Chair American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong